P-Day post #12.

This week i started planning how how I would do my presentation.

I decided i would start with a question. I spent longer than i thought on his, most of the class period and i found the perfect question.                                  ‘What is anime?’

It sounds so simple yet it can mean so many things, from what anime is emotionally to you, to what anime is compared to cartoons or what anime is in the eyes of its creators. Anime can have many meanings. I believe this is the perfect question to start a conversation

Next I plan to have a slideshow of different music and short videos. This is will show people how anime is reflected in Europe, also what anime is to cosplayers and otaku’s. This all took me about 30 min but I am still working on which videos and pictures i should include. I looked up and tried to find the most interesting videos about anime in europe on youtube and other sights.

I spent the last 30 min recovering some citations i forgot to record down. I have about 12 citations from websites that had info that i actually used. In total nowNow i have all of them on a google document along with videos from youtube. I also made sure Flickr had some images handy in case i needed them later on.

P-DAY #11

This week my research has been on next years new anime movies, shows, manga and new anime seasons.

On Friday for about 30 min I found out there was a new movie coming out on the sequel to Naruto, “Boruto”. To start the new series there releasing a new movie next year that might hit North American theaters, around the summer of 2016

Then at home on Wensday for about 40 min i looked at the new shows that are upcoming. I only reconized about ten of the fifty on the website i was looking on.

The ones i reconized were:

Sword art online 3

Tokyo Ghoul season 3

Boruto/Boruto the movie

Dragon Ball

Attack on Titan 2

Fairy Tail Movie 2

Code Geass

Evangelion 4.0

These were the ones i somewhat recognized from FUNAMATION,( the North Americas top anime studio) I found it interesting how Europe gets most of its anime after North America. Anime movies are sometimes dubbed and sent to appear in american theaters. After their translated into other languages and sent to other parts of the world.

Today i spent about 20-30 min watching reviews of this year anime and what youtubers expect for new seasons. It was interesting to find out what theories people have for there favorite shows and such.  I also found some trailers of some movies i cat wait to see. The most interesting and popular seemed to be the new Dragon ball movie teaser trailer video. It shows a past villain comming back and attacking the current heroes.

Now i just need to organize all this into a conclusion.


P-day post 10

For this week i spent time researching, the most known and profound anime in Europe. I also decided which three to focus on. I am going to focus on Sword Art Online, Naruto, and Tokyo Ghoul. Naruto is the most viewed anime in Naruto, while i found out Tokyo ghoul is the newest most popular anime of last year. Sword art online is a classic anime that most anime fans should recognize. I spent the class time researching about Naruto’s popularity and my own time on the others. I still feel like i’m missing something to wrap it up though. Finding this final piece is my goal for next week.

Friday: Researched during class, Europe anime popularity and why anime is so wildly popular on social media. 30 min

Saturday: I found out that Tokyo ghoul was the most popular anime of 2014. This is cause the emotion it brings people and the gore and action. Its a bit dark but very popular. Another 20 min

Today: Sword art online is a classic anime which involves events that could become reality. Emotional and action packed is what this anime is full of. I also looked at many reviews of Naruto and Sword Art Online on youtube. I have seen Tokyo Ghoul so i could rate that myself. Also ive seen only some of the 400+ episodes of Naruto : Total time 40 min.



This is my plan for how to organize passion, anime.

Ill connect it to Europe, focusing on France

Ill start off with what anime is/ What manga is, my intro

Current anime interest: The good

then after part 2 the bad

then part 3 the controversy, so the other side of anime

and ill end it with what i expect for animes future and other expectations.


P-Day post #8

For my passion day i am working on how to connect my topic to a unit that we have done. I am thinking of either Europe or South america. One particular interesting fact about Europe is that more than 50% of Europe’s anime and manga sales occur in France. One interesting fact about South America is that they tend to stick to long adventurous anime, I could say that they take their time watching a long series 100 ep. +, instead of watching a short 12 ep. + series. Europe seems to be more influential and loose about anime so I think I am leaning towards connecting it to that. Next post i will post abbout my activity i plan on doing, once i see the most effective strategy’s to choose from.

cc image courtesy of br1dotcom

P-day post #7

I am locking onto the idea of present-day anime and future expectations of the public and the creators. Ill talk about what all the new anime have in common and how people would like to improve those. I chose this topic because anime can have many different forms. Some could bring you to tears, while others might be so gore based you’ll throw up. Some will make you laugh until your ribs hurt, while some don’t even make you think twice. You whole life could change after one scene. Anime comes in many forms, to suit any human, I can guarantee you. The activity i plan to do is a similar one from that Mr. Bogush did, where the desks are arranged around a center table where there will be around 5 or so chairs so it will be a full on conversation the whole time. Once we reach the halfway mark depending on how many people shared i shall ask questions to people who haven’t participated around the room so the can get out of their shells. In the center table we will conversate about anything anime related, anime songs, recommendations, anime cons, new and old anime, upcoming sequels, etc. Personally i am interested in what people have to recommend to me.

cc image courtesy of Niccolo Caranti

P-Day post 6

This week i have kept up my research on anime, and learned some history about it. The first anime to arrive in America was “Astro boy” which Japan sold to America, but was never actually aired due to the main characters death, which America did not think its people could take the main character dieing. Anime first started in books called Manga. Manga are usually what most animes are based off. If the comic like book (Manga) is a hit then the writer could sell it to a company to make turn his drawings into a show. The way I am going to represent anime is simple. First I’ll start off with present day anime and manga and what it is for new watchers. Then ill share some history about it, so any people new to anime can understand its past failures and success’s. Finally Ill share some insight on what authors/producers plan to do with anime. I might change my mind about history and change it to “Why anime should no be banned” because there are some people out there trying to banned anime from the US for violence it shows and other subjects that are not to friendly with kids.

cc image courtesy of Blue Ruin123


P-Day Post 4

What I researched this week is about an Anime convention that will take place here in Connecticut. The cons are called ConnectiCon. These conventions are not only for anime but for comic, TV, and even movies. There are different locations but there main locations where they are held is Hartford. Many activity’s also are used here to showcase the fans passion for the shows or comics. My progress on Anime has come far, because now i know where these cons are held and where. I also know dates, and events, which most of them will be held this summer. i also figured out many suprise visits from Celebritys and famous writers/actors. Next P-Day i will research about Connecticons held last year.

P-Day #3

Last week i researched about Anime, and some of the most expensive things in the world. I discovered that there is an Anime con that will be held in Meriden, on July 12. There is also a 24 carrot golden xbox one that is being sold in London for over 90,000 US dollars. One question that popped into my head was, does the golden parts in the xbox really work the same as a normal xbox one? My biggest challenge so far was that i couldnt find any sooner anime cons, and i couldn’t find any being held in Wallingford Connecticut.

StoryBoard that Reflection

1.) Two things that I will remember about this Mexico activity, would probably be the storyboard, and some of the interesting food my state, Nuevo Leon has to offer

2.) I believe this project has helped me learn more about mexico, because I learned many things about other parts around Mexico that I have never been to. I learned many things about there land and culture, although my favorite was learning about Nuevo Mexico’s rich fields used harvest crops. This activity helped me learn by letting me discover on my own what Nuevo Mexico has to offer.

3.) I would recommend this project to other people, because it is fun to learn about other country’s and how its different from here. Not only do you get to see the differences you get to research about the smell, and taste, then you can compare it in your own mind. This project allows you to make personal opinions, while still studying.

4.) I would not change anything about this project because, by addding more to work on student will not focus enough on learning themselves other than getting done.